LCD Mechanical Inc is a fully integrated engineering and construction organization with the prime objective of executing projects competitively and to the highest standards. This activity revolves around the following divisions:
  • Mechanical Division
  • Electrical and Controls Division
  • Maintenance and Service Division
The above services are provided to the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors (ICI) of the construction industry with projects that include:
  • Government Facilities
  • Water and Waste Water Facilities
  • Industrial Plants
  • Police Facilities
  • Community Centres
  • Senior Homes
  • Office Complexes
LCD Mechanical Inc is supported by an experienced team of project managers, professional engineers, estimators, field technicians and skilled employees.

The activities of this team are lead by a highly experienced management team with over 100 years of accumulated experience in the construction industry.

LCD Mechanical Inc continuously upgrades its expertise and broadens its capabilities by training its employees and implementing state of the art technology for the purpose of enhancing productivity.

The capabilities and the experience of LCD Mechanical Inc have favorably positioned us to participate in constructing and executing projects that include conceptual/performance specifications as well as engineer designed equipment packages.
Some examples of how we serve the needs of the construction industry are:

Turn-key projects
Construction and installation of systems and equipment
Construction & project management
Equipment and material procurement
Fabrication & assembly
Start-up & commissioning
After-sales service & maintenance

LCD Mechanical Inc. practices methods and techniques that work towards a greener and healthier environment. We actively recycle in order to assist with renewing resources that support our everyday living and working activities.

Whenever possible, LCD Mechanical Inc. will use environmentally friendly products that promote safer conditions for our employees as well as assisting to preserve the environment. Products that are used in our industry that are not environmentally friendly are handled and disposed of through the proper channels. We use licensed waste haulers and create the proper paper trail so that we can track and identify that these products have not gone into landfill.

We practice safe working habits with our staff through product awareness and follow the WHMIS guidelines to maintain personal safety and reduce injuries. Products that are brought on site to our projects are accompanied by the proper MSDS sheets and we respect and follow the safety programs of our customers with regards to the products they will allow on their sites for manufacturing safety reasons. Through our employee training programs, we strive to include each individual team member in our awareness goals to be safe and make a safer environment for their families and our future.

LCD Mechanical Inc. maintains high environmental standards in an effort to be part of the global community that cares. It is our objective that we work towards reducing our carbon footprint and assist in making a greener and healthier environment.